The ability to cope with, and recover from the difficult situation and make the best of hard times is resilience. It is one property that every human must harbour and learn to master. Resilience undoubtedly is an art and all of us must know how to take control of things during difficult times. One should learn that if they have suffered an injury, it is actually valuable. Bad times are the best teacher.

Taking off the first step

In order to start from somewhere and reach your destination, you need to start from wherever you are. And to start your journey, you first need to accept whatever that has happened to you and acknowledge the fact that you have everything that need to push yourself out of the comfort zone. Push your limit, come out of your comfort zone and take off your first step. Struggle out of your injury, no matter how deep it is. Make yourself realize that your injury cannot rob you of the immense capabilities. It might have altered your appearance, but don’t let it alter your state of mind.

Stop dwelling on the difficulties

 They say it right, “if you’ve begun, you’re half done”. Once you have accepted yourself, the world will eventually accept you. It’s you where the change has to start. Positive thinking is the most important thing that you need to carry forward. You are very likely of dwelling on the past and the difficulties that your injury is likely to lead to. One of the most tried and trusted formula of getting rid of this habit is asking these three questions to you. Ask this questions whenever you feel low, depressed and upset.

  1. What can be the best that can happen to me at this stage of life?
  2. What can be the worst thing that can happen to me?
  3. What is the more likely of the two situations?

You might now know which of the answer given by you will match up with what will happen in all actuality and reality. But you very well plan out a way to make the best thing happen to you.