Building a new life

There was a time when a famous and wealthy athlete was hit by a speeding truck. The consequences were so bad that he lost his neck, his back and was paralysed; He had six major bones broken in the back. He believed that he had lost everything and was sure that life will never be as beautiful and lavish as it was. The recovery wasn’t easy thing; it involved challenging her physical strength, mental and emotional turmoil.

But then he realized that he just had a broken body. But he wasn’t a broken person. And so he started to build a new life for him. The positive thinking was not the only thinking he harboured himself with. It was the will to fight, the determination to struggle and his new ambition of creating a new life for himself.

He started his training as a pilot, took up several creative projects to learn aerobatics and now he teaches the subject to thousands of his students.

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It’s high time you leave your personal injury and pain behind, escape out of the monsters or past and create a new life for yourself!

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